Lynn-Marie Carty is an internationally known female Private Investigator. She is famous for getting the job done by going above and beyond the call of duty to solve investigative problems for people who thought they had no where to turn. Also known as "The UnEarther" Lynn-Marie and her family of P.I. hero's have helped people everywhere find answers they had searched for with no resolve for decades. They are passionate about helping people. As Lynn says, " Our family has found their true purpose in life, we give all the Glory to God."

*Finding Long Lost Family and Friends
*Media Relations, Public Relations Experts
*Intermediary Services
*Victims Advocates
*Solving Cold Case Murders
*Freeing the Wrongly Convicted

Cold cases closed, hot cases solved, this female private detective has many skills including her unrelenting tenacity and uncanny skill for solving cases quickly. It's her extraordinary gift of intermediary skills that makes her a super hero in the eyes of the thousands of families who Lynn-Marie and her family of licensed private investigators have helped over the years.

Lynn-Marie turns around even the most impossible situations and in the process she gives the people whose lives she touches their second chance for a new beginning.
                                                      Our Vision

"We're on a mission to right the wrongs of the world one case at a time!"

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